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Your property will probably be

the biggest investment you'll

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one of the most important.

So you'll be keen to …


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Your property is one of the biggest investments that you make in your life, it is also one of the most important investments that you make so you’ll be keen to make sure that the legal work is carried out efficiently and smoothly at affordable prices.

My service is of high quality, cheap price and you can rely on my experience and professionalism. As a Certified Property Conveyancer & Justice of the Peace, I am fully insured and regulated by the Department of Fair Trading which lays down stringent rules of professional conduct. I also have over 30 years of legal experience.

I can help all people needing a hand when buying, selling, refinancing, transferring shares or need mortgage help with all properties in Narrabeen along the NSW area.



ALL CONTRACT REVIEWS FREE* If buying a property just ask the real estate agent or Vendor to send through the Contract to yourself then please send to us at info@nbcs.com.au and we will make sure there are no potential problems before you sign the contract. I can also organise your strata and/or pest & building inspections.

AFTER HOUR SERVICES are available via email offered 24hrs a day – 7days a week at info@nbcs.com.au.


THE BEST FLAT FEE CONVEYANCING RATE – Please ask us how YOU can save up to $500 off your FLAT FEE if our mortgage broker can help with finance.



FREE PROPERTY VALUATION & GUARANTEE for Loan approval usually within 24 to 48 hours – My associated BANKER can guarantee that it won't cost you anything if they can get a valuation on the property and if needed, we can challenge your current Broker/Banker and get you a pre-approval or unconditional approval from a major Australian Bank usually within 24 to 48 business hours. My BANKER also offers a Free Mobile Service to attend your home or office on weekends & after hours, 24/7* – If you need help obtaining quick unconditional finance approval* or a second opinion to buy that dream home or investment property.  So call me now to become that lucky purchaser who gets the property first. (See Testimonials)

Money-Back Guarantee – Terms and conditions apply so please ask me for details.


Direct Mobile Number – You will have direct contact with Nicole (via her mobile 0414244133) so that your questions can be answered asap anytime.


A free Property Profile Report – This shows recent sales in the area, rentals received and local schools etc. You would only receive this for free if our mortgage broker helped you with your finance or refinancing of the property.



1 : What is the role of a Conveyancer in the Northern Beach area?


A Conveyancer, from our specialised conveyancing practice, will help you to settle the title transfer while buying or selling a property. We will guide you throughout the purchasing or selling of all properties. We also give you advice on any issues that we find in the documents and request any changes that are essential. As Conveyancers, we ensure the documents of the property are clear and meets all the legal obligations.


2 : Is hiring a Conveyancer necessary while buying or selling a property in the Northern Beaches area? 


Yes, having a Conveyancer on board can play an important role while buying or selling a property. They are licensed professionals and are very well aware of all Conveyancing laws in Australia. We make sure all the legal documents meet Australian statutory requirements.


3 : How long does the conveyancing process take?


Usually, it takes around six weeks for to complete the conveyance procedure however this can vary and, if needed, we can request timeframes to suit yourself personally.